FAQs about website hosting

What is there to know about website hosting? Websites reside on a server. Think of your web host server as an apartment building. They’re available in all sizes and varieties. Some offer minimum security much like having doors and windows that lock. Others are fully armed with guards and even an elevator operator to make…

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5 things to do before logo design

Logo design 101

It’s easy to get excited when you’re getting ready for a logo design or redesign! Getting sidetracked for hours on Pinterest looking at ideas is a sure bet when it’s time for something like this. But, I’m going to raise a caution flag and ask you to reign it in for just a few moments.…

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The best image type for web

You may wonder which format is the best image type for web, why there are so many image types, when one should be used over another and why would you need to know. Should you use a PDF, GIF, TIFF, JPEG? Can anyone use a PSD file? Let’s take the mystery out of it and…

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