Your business’ visual identity can make or break the sale.

That’s why I am here. It’s my job to give your business an exceptional visual identity. Your logo, your literature, your signage, brick and mortar and/or website, and social media headers represent your business. Are they getting you the results you need?

I’ve worked with Pam for years and she has consistently delivered excellent work. With very little guidance from me, she produces exactly what I’m looking for and need. Her sense of design is terrific and this has helped me on many occasions.

Ellen Emerson

Consistent branding

I ensure that your business has a cohesive identity through all your promotional materials.

Emphasize strengths

I help determine what your business strengths are and help you figure out how to promote them.

Know your business

My job is to visually convey your business and I can’t do that without knowing your business as if it were my own.

Targeted designs

I help you understand areas of need among your target audience, and gear your promotions toward their needs.

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