Images, fonts, color palette and so much more

What is a brand, exactly? Some will tell you it's your logo. Others say it's your colors, fonts, and style. I'm here to tell you that it is everything that makes an impression on potential clients.

Your brand includes colors, fonts, imagery, and language. It also includes messaging. Components of a brand are everything that creates an impression on the market.

Read on to discover all the essential visual and nonvisual elements that should be considered when creating a brand.


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branding imagesAudience

Who do you serve?

When considering the audience you serve, try to focus as narrowly as possible. Try to think of a very specific person. Where does this person shop? How does he/she spend their free time? What do they do for a living? Where are they located? Do they fall into a specific age group? What are their favorite things?

My client Gibson Home Services knows that their best clients dream of living in beautiful homes. The images used in Gibson's marketing materials meet specific criteria.

Color Palette

Be recognizable

A select color palette distinguishes you from others. Color can also guide the conscious and subconscious mind by evoking emotions. Take a look at the image from and see some of the feelings that color can bring to mind. Most large corporations choose their colors wisely and small businesses should do the same. Let the subliminal help attract the right clients and customers. This (beware: addictive) tool makes choosing color palettes fun!

The palette for Pam Owens Design was inspired by nature and a few other interesting images. I chose these images and colors because they seem peaceful and the services that I provide for my clients should ease their stress.


Who is listening?

A voice can be an essential element in making your brand uniquely yours. For instance, Harley Davidson's voice is anything but cheerful, playful, or fun. Ebaq Design says, "the brand clearly fits the Outlaw archetype, therefore their personality is rough and rugged, so it’s their voice." On the other hand, Tiffany & Co. caters to an elegant and classy clientele. It wouldn't be possible to sell their products without a proper tone of voice and messaging.

Visual Capitalist demonstrates the most loved brands, by generation. They concluded that "...brand and consumer relationship has shifted with the ages, but each generation’s unique value system has remained the most important piece of the puzzle."


Gibson Home Services knows that their client's busy lives are filled with stress. Gibson focuses on doing home projects without stress.
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